Yup you read that right. Achinty is going to be ended forever.

But I’m not leaving the blogosphere, I’m launching a new and better blog to empower young people with purpose, community, and resources to help them make an impact.  That’s our mission over there. Over where?

Over at Career Impact Central!! I am SO excited to announce that it will be launched in the next few weeks!

New blog, new design, new features, and some new topics all coming your way (if you choose).

my snazzy new logo 😀

The Career Impact Central is right for you if… 

  • You deeply want to make an impact and live a meaningful life but you may not know what your passions are yet or how exactly to make an impact using them. 
  • You want to have a social life (and not just work 24/7!) and build deep relationships with other motivated people. 
  • You may be scared of a meaningless 9-5 job or endless round of school work. 
  • You don’t yet know how to confidently and practically make the most of your passions (I’m talking about networking, your resume, leading a team, finding mentors). 
  • You want to grow as an honest, generous, and impact-driven leader.

Is that you? If so, what are you still doing here?! 🙂 Subscribe to the newsletter here and be the first to know when it launches! You’ll also get access to exclusive content and sneak peeks.  

At Career Impact Central I walk my talk.

As a college student I’ve been to countless career fairs and networking events, have incredible professional development mentors of my own, and will be starting an internship on one of my own passions this summer! So while I’m not an expert in the least, I have a lot of personal experience and want to help you all make an impact (and just meet all of you!).

Here’s what you can expect -> value packed content on: 

  1. Purpose: how can you find your passions, make money off of those passions, balance out work with life, use school to serve your life purpose, or choose a fulfilling career path?
  2. Personal Brand: how can you build up your resume and social media accounts, develop your own personality and voice, and grow the confidence you need to do the big things you’ve always wanted to do?
  3. Relationships: how can you build your network, find mentors, build friendships, professionally communicate, and be an impactful leader? 

If you want in on this, you can guarantee that you don’t miss out on this valuable guidance by subscribing to the Career Impact Central newsletter here

(It’s literally just two questions: name and email).

NOTE! Those of you following Achinty through won’t automatically be transferred over 😢. I really want to stay in touch with all of you so feel free to subscribe to my email list or reach out to me at!

And finally, farewell Achinty : (

Finally I’d like to give a mega HUGE thank you to all of the amazing readers, bloggers, commenters, and all around awesome people that have helped me this 1/2 a year with Achinty. This blog and the whole community (all of you!) has been a real blessing from God. I’ve learned SO much from all of your blogs and hope to continue to stay in touch. Truly. I wish you all the best!

In Him,

– Cynthia


  1. Ahh!🎉🎉 So excited for you Cynthia! All signed up for your email list. 🙃 Sad to see this wonderful blog end, but I’m excited to see where God takes this new blog! ❤️


      1. Ah I meant I’m really glad you’re not leaving the blogosphere (and you’re staying with us!).
        You’re definitely going places Daniel, you have huge potential.


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