How COVID-19 Turned Us Into Better People

As some schools start to move classes to in-person again and outlooks seem brighter, it’s crazy to think that the whole world has come together against a virus that forced us all to stay home and physically distant. After a year of staying inside, things will surely be different when we come back out and life returns to “normal”.

But before we dive head on into in-person events, classes, and daily life, let’s take a moment to stop and reflect on the beauty and the pain. Let’s bring that with us into the next season so we can live our best lives and be our best selves because of and not despite of this crazy year we’ve all come out the other side of together.

Try building your community and passion if you can’t find it.

And when you choose to commit to a cause, when you choose to sacrifice, your community and passion will grow on its own. You will naturally grow on your own. Because it’s not actually those fleeting moments of joy or those “fun” activities that age-old wisdom is telling you to follow, it’s telling you to follow a purpose. And yes part of that will be your interests, but the real meaning of passion is commitment to purpose. Commitment, passion, and community are things we get to build not just find.

Life is happening right now. 

If we all had a penny for the amount of times we wished the pandemic and quarantine over, we might all actually be rich. But that’s exactly what we’ve learned doesn’t work. And the happiest moments we’ve had amidst all of this has been embracing right where we are, so let’s keep doing that, even if we’re on the edge of a new phase in our lives. Mentally moving on to some place or some time beyond the here and now is us robbing ourselves.

There’s extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. In right now.

Don’t overvalue or undervalue others’ opinions.

Something about being distanced from others made their opinions smaller. All of a sudden trends seemed to lose meaning for a bit and everyone started experimenting. With everything from bold new hairstyles (count me in!) to new music, or even new religious beliefs! This new perspective that we gained by some distance was empowering in a way, let’s not lose that even when that distance decreases. Let’s remember how much more we were able to experiment with less pressure, how much more of ourselves we were able to find.

Connection is incredibly important.

We’ve all felt pangs of loneliness during this year. These health, emotional, financial, and mental struggles have really exposed the weak parts of our relationships, but they’ve also shown us how much we need each other. How valuable it is to just do life with other non-virtually. It’s incredible how interconnected we all are.

Be intentional about your relationships.

With no more forced meetups or class acquaintances, I think we’ve all learned how crucial being intentional about our relationships are, and that’s awesome! We’ve grown skills and really evaluated who we want in our lives. As we go back to life that might be normal (but probably never the same) let’s carry over this same intentionality, this same set of values and priorities because who and what we cut out of our lives sometimes makes more of a difference than who/what we keep in. 

What next? Comfort zones are meant to be broken

There’s no point for us to stay inside our comfort zones or taking the path of least resistance. When life throws punches at us we can choose to feel the pain completely and when life gives us flowers let’s savor those moments all the more. Because there’s no prize at the end of life for living the easiest way possible or for saving your energy. Use up every last drop of it. And when you’re tired, give yourself the space to rest so that you can play hard and work hard again. 

All in all I’ve learned that everything but God is quite fragile, but maybe it always has been. Maybe that sets us free.

– Cynthia 

P.S. Comment down below what you’ve learned during COVID-19! 

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