Summer Break & New Beginnings

Most students are ending school around this time! The excitement for summer and the rush to be done tangibly hangs in the air like humid mist. This summer I’ll be making some changes to my blog (announcements and updates coming soon!) so in the midst of all of these transitions, endings, and beginnings, here are […]

What is Success to YOU?

People tell us what we should be doing all the time. But oftentimes we fail to honestly ask ourselves whether those align with what we’re chasing. As individuals, we should evaluate every piece of advice we get, every opportunity we’re given, and every dream we decide to chase after with one question:  What does a […]

To Those Who Can’t Find Their Passions

There’s countless quotes and people in our lives telling us to follow our passions. But what if you don’t even know what your passion are? And if they’re such an integral part of who we are, how are we supposed to be ourselves when we don’t even know who that is? Well in today’s post […]

Be the Man in The Arena: Get Off The Sidelines

Recently I put my heart and back into something and it failed. I’m low key devastated and disappointed.  Isn’t this what we all fear? What holds back so many of us? What if I told you I feel more alive right now than when I never try? In light of how short life is, failure […]


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