Ditch All The Shoulds: Do What Actually Matters

Life seems to be full of a million shoulds. I should get all A’s. I should get a summer internship. I should say hi to them. While they’re important, inevitable even, we can’t (and shouldn’t) accomplish them all. That’s why it’s so important to differentiate between the meaningful ones and the ones we let society […]

Let’s Talk: A Christian Author And Her Journey

I’m sure most of us dream of writing and publishing a book someday. Well today I hope to give you a little push and show you the story of my friend and author E. C. Colton and the launch of her new book, Shards of Sky. E. C. Colton is a Christian, entrepreneur, cat mom, […]

How COVID-19 Turned Us Into Better People

As some schools start to move classes to in-person again and outlooks seem brighter, it’s crazy to think that the whole world has come together against a virus that forced us all to stay home and physically distant. After a year of staying inside, things will surely be different when we come back out and […]

A Radical Way How To Make the Most of Your Teenage Years

If I’m only young once, why are my days so repetitive and boring? Am I doing it wrong? School –> clubs –> family & friends –> repeat.  Is there a more radical and passionate way I could live out my teenage stage, my few years in high school and college? Yes!  And it all starts […]

Is School Taking Up Too Much of Your Life?

School.  It seems to take up the majority of our lives right now. And with remote/hybrid classes that have now become the norm for most students? The lines between our personal and school lives have become all the more blurred. Day after day of chugging away at these endless assignments can make it so easy […]


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